Myrrh – Commiphora myrrha

Commiphora myrrha

A perfect base note in your favorite blends, treasured Myrrh produces a deep reddish-brown oil with a woody, spicy scent.

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Commiphora myrrha Tree

Commiphora myrrha Essential Oil starts with our directly sourced oleo gum resin which is then hydro-distilled in small batches for a truly artisanal result. This deep reddish-brown oil has a woody, spicy scent. Works especially well as a base note in your favorite essential oil blends.

▪ 100% pure distilled essential oil

Important Note: avoid during pregnancy

Boswellness Myrrh Essential Oil contains no synthetic or chemical ingredients. Just pure distilled essential oil.

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Distilled in Vermont with Certified Organic Resin from Somaliland.

1 oz. bottle : $125.00

Commiphora myrrha Resin is our directly sourced oleo gum resin harvested from the plains and hills of Eastern Africa. This is a deep reddish-brown resin.

▪ 100% natural, wild-harvested gum resin

Important Note: avoid during pregnancy

Commiphora Myrrha Resin is directly sourced from the tree to you with no additives or alterations.

Product of Somaliland. Certified Organic.

4oz. packet: $10.00