Frankincense – Boswellia frereana

Boswellia frereana

One of the most prized essences of the ages, known for an uplifting and alluring earthen slightly musky scent.

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Boswellia frereana Tree

Boswellia frereana Essential Oil starts with our directly sourced NOP certified oleo gum resin which is then hydro-distilled in small batches resulting in one of the most alluring and prized essences of the ages. This deep golden oil has an earthen, slightly musky scent. The aroma of Boswelllia frereana has been shown to be uplifting, relaxing, and centering. Just a few drops in a diffuser or small bowl of hot water will fill your space with a sense of can do.

▪ 100% organic distilled essential oil

Our Boswellness Frereana Essential Oil contains no synthetic or chemical ingredients. Just pure distilled essential oil.

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Product of Somaliland. Distilled in Vermont. Certified Organic.

1oz. bottle: $90.00

Boswellia frereana Resin is our directly sourced oleo gum resin harvested in the mountains of Eastern Africa. This resin is pale to deep yellow in color. Sought after for millennia for use as incense.

▪ 100% organic, wild-harvested gum resin

Boswellness Frereana Resin is directly sourced from the tree to you with no additives or alterations.

Product of Somaliland. Certified Organic.

4oz. packet: $12.00